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4 C

4C is a customer centrically analyze for an offer or business model. With the customer need in the center, this model focuses on the delivered benefits.

Customer solution

The central is to offer the customer a solution to a real problem or need. The important is not “the thing,” but the satisfying of a need.


Customer wants to have easy and comfortable access to their products. To quote “Dilbert’s” conclusion of their latest market research: “The customers wants a better product for free.”


It is important to inform about the marketed solution. At the same time it is important to remember that the customers do not like to be objectified.


Customer tends to see not only to the price but rather to what they experience as the cost. This might include things such as impact on the environment or occupational hazards.

As can be seen by the example under 4P, it can be a huge difference between a low price and low cost. There the buying partner succeeds in getting a very low unit price. What happened is that the buyer unaware of the consequences took over the responsibility for packaging, distribution and safety. Since the customer did not have chemicals as core business, they would have to invest and start lots of routines that is without synergies to their competencies – huge costs that very soon would consume any gain given by the low price.

Fact 21

We are glad to help you with this type of analysis to find out if there are discrepancies in the offer to the market. We can also assist you in creating and implementing action plans to balance the offer. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you: info@fact21.se.