To determine the communication mixture, it is important to decide what achievements one is after, and analyze the possibilities well. It is first after this that it can be decided how to act. Often the economy is the limiting factor, and many times the simplest solution is the most cost efficient.

The objective with market communication is making the offer/ product more clear for the target group, shorten the lead times and increase revenues. This is a model with leaking buckets:

  1. Exposure (90%)
  2. Canvass (60%)
  3. Communication effect (33%)
  4. Target group response (70%)
  5. Profit

(the %-number is the amount that reaches the next step) Given the great loss in the communication steps it is extremely important to do the right thing at the right place for the right reason.


From time to time there is a need to present the company's competences and products. YThis is often done with leaflets & catalogs...


Advertising can be done in several channels and for a number of reasons...


Event is a generic name for customer meetings under special circumstances, outside the customer site...


The fastest growing and probably the most important marketing channel today is the web. This is the place most people turn today to learn more about something...