portfolio management

Creation and support of strategic and operational plan to enlarge the portfolio foot print with brand new groups of products. The assignment was cariied out i a geographical region in a major European company, and covered both technical and commercial know-how transfer and up start support.


Responsible for the course "Product development & manufacturing methods, 25 Yh-points" (Higher Vocational Education). The course is part of the 4-semester program "Technical Account Managers".

product development

Development of new product line in cooperation with a major global OEM. A project where a harmony in design, technical requirements and legal demands meet the wishes of several user groups. The line is aimed at the higher price and performance markets.

internet service

Subscription internet website giving explained and updated information and links to laws and regulations governing the Swedish occupational health and hazards environment.

business development

Turning a whole sale company to an internet trader. Analysis, workshop and report around, and together with a traditional wholesale firm. It resulted in an action plan for quick wins.

new product program

Harmonizing of different local product programs and adding of new applications in order to create a common global program. At the same time the direction of the program changed from product centrically to customer centrically. The project was carried out at major global company, and involved all parts of the organization in the concerned division.