Change management

Among the hardest to achieve is sustainable change. Such a change call for a well thought-out planning and a sensitive implementation. It is important to consult and involve the people concerned by the change when carrying it through. It is also crucial that the change is:

  • realistic
  • reachable
  • measureable

To “sell” a change is not a sustainable strategy for success. On the contrary it is very important the change is understood and communicated. Likewise it is crucial that the personnel concerned agree with, or at least understands why, a change is needed. Preferably all concerned are involved at an early stage, so that they can experience that they can influence the process. The process is helped by personal meetings and workshops, to create maximal commitment. E-mails and PM’s are weak instruments when you want to influence and create understanding. What is helpful in accelerating the change process is delegation of sub processes; this enhances the sense of ownership and confidence among the involved. Managers that does not involve and consult

their co-workers in the work around “bad news,” are perceived as weak and lacking integrity. Treat people decent and with respect and that is what you will get in return.

Principles for change management

  1. Involve and engage people within the system at all times (the system=surroundings, process, culture, conditions, etc.)
  2. Understand at each time where you/the organization are
  3. Understand where I want to be, when, how, and what steps are necessary for this
  4. Plan development towards No. 3 above, in relevant reachable measurable steps
  5. Communicate, involve, authorize and facilitate the team members participation, as early and as openly as possible

Fact 21

We love to help you with analysis and execution of small and big changes. Over the years we have worked with many change projects, among others to turn a product centric sales model to a customer centric model, harmonize price models over country borders and continents, change organization from centralistic to distributed, etc. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you: info@fact21.se.