The fastest growing and probably the most important marketing channel today is the internet. This is the place most people turn today to learn more about something. Therefore it is important to be visible on internet. In internet the limitations that apply to classic media and marketing channels does not apply, even though classic material also works here. Here it is possible to create specific marketing sites for products, product portfolio or divisions within the company, and if suitable they only exist during the campaign. Internet technology opens new possibilities to pinpoint different target groups, for instance one can rent words at search sites, and thereby reach all people with your ad, searching this word. Since companies are coded by the branch they are working in, it is possible to aim your ad to this branch sorting away all others.

It is of course also possible to find out what IP number a specific company has and aim your ad towards users from one or several specific companies. It is also possible to let the users ID decides whether an ad should be shown or in what language it should be exposed.

It is also possible to create product or company account in social media. This opens yet another channel to interact with ones customers. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have a more personal touch, and therefore resemble the personal customer visit; the difference is that the number of possible and real participants is much larger.

Fact 21

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